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The Insurance

Will treatment with Supartz joint fluid therapy be covered by my insurance?

Joint fluid therapy is covered by most insurance plans. The procedures for reimbursement vary from payer to payer and even from policy to policy within a payer. Many require that your doctor provide Supartz joint fluid therapy at the office. If your physician does not stock Supartz joint fluid therapy and he/she prescribes it, some insurance plans, particularly Medicare, may not cover the charges. We recommend you discuss reimbursement with your physician as well as your insurer before you begin treatment.

Additional Information

SUPARTZ joint fluid therapy is provided by Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics. Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics develops and markets advanced medical devices to deliver cost-effective solutions, significant physician advantage and real patient benefit. Smith & Nephew is headquartered in London, and is publicly traded in both London and New York (NYSE ticker symbol: SNN). For more information about Smith & Nephew, visit: www.smith-nephew.com.

For more information about SUPARTZ joint fluid therapy, ask your doctor or visit: www.supartz.com.

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